A week under the Tuscan sun

Hello folks welcome back to my channel or if it’s your first time visiting my channel respect my name is Bella dad and I am a multi year old travel blogger drama artist on-screen character so we just got to Tuscany we simply had some lunch here at the lodging at their little café and I had extremely yummy vegetable soup it was kind of a Tuscan style which I truly loved it had beans and Tuscan kale and cabbage buongiorno so today we are gone to Lucca we went through the night directly above Lucca we’re on a little slope so it’s around a brief drive down to Lucca and afterward we’re going to go through the night there and investigate the town and the charming little cobblestone avenues better believe it we’re going to take off this moment so we are strolling around Lucca right presently stroll around a bit of stressing cobblestone and adorable little structures I love it so much and all these little bread shops and cafés so we’re strolling to discover a lunch spot right now ideally great nourishment and I’ll show you all where we wind up eating.

We are presently remaining at somewhat table at a bar and Luka and afterward we simply had a little nibble at another eatery and afterward today we’re going to supper some place here nearby and Luka is so excellent every one of these structures are so beautiful and afterward tomorrow we’re thinking to go to Siena at an inn where Letters to Juliet was taped where they remained in Tuscany so that ought to be simply stunning and more nation than so I just woke up from a little we went to lunch and afterward we returned Tuscany on the grounds that you’re feeling tired and we took a little rest and afterward now we’re going to make a beeline for supper which is in reality in that spot since let’s face it up and a truly cool thing in Tuscany is this dish a customary Tuscan soup that is beans cabbage kale zucchini and all that so it’s extremely yummy so it’s a healthy meat based soup which is extremely pleasant and I was simply checking out our fear based oppressors at this astonishing perspective we have and I’m simply feeling so appreciative and favored to have the option to go as much as my family and I do and very nearly 16 currently to have the encounters and the information that I’ve gotten the opportunity to learn I’m simply so honored and I feel so thankful for that since I genuinely I wouldn’t do what I’m doing well now without experiencing all that and making sense of who I really am and what I love doing like voyaging fills me with delight I cherished each snapshot of it I adored having the option to who improve the world and rouse individuals and realize that anything’s conceivable with individuals.