Taking online guitar lessons has some benefits over personal lessons from a hired instructor in a studio. While both methods of learning the guitar are efficient, online guitar lessons offers some benefits that many people may not know about. In this article, you will learn the some of the unique benefits of taking guitar lessons online.

One of the biggest benefits of taking online lessons is they give you the ability to schedule your lessons around your busy life. Similar to how college students take online classes so that they can continue to work, online guitar lessons offer the same benefit. No need to drive across town to a studio, then driving home after the lesson. All lessons are online with no expiration date. No need to plan lessons around work, extracurricular activities, vacations, etc. With the freedom to schedule classes, a person doesn’t have to worry about missing any classes or information.

With all the information and lessons online, students have the ability to go back and review information. And while it doesn’t offer the same benefit as being able to ask an instructor questions about previously reviewed techniques, it can be very convenient being able to either review or watch an online guitar lesson video numerous times until the information becomes clear and the skills and guitar tricks taught can be mastered.

Affordability is another perk. Since the online lessons are easily accessible through a membership and the information being the same for all students, the creators and instructors are not limited to a certain amount of students. Private instructors who own studios are often limited to how many bodies they can have in the building. There is no limit to how many students can take a class online, especially since there is no grading involved. More students means more money for the creators of the website. This allows the sites to offer courses at more of a discount for students. Online guitar lessons, on average, are 40%-50% cheaper then private lessons. Sites often offer complete packages for a single or monthly price with access to all online materials. Personal instructors often charge by the lesson and teach small classes, which makes it difficult for instructors to slow the class down for students who may not be grasping the material as quickly as the rest of the class. As noted earlier, students can go back and review previous lessons online, and master guitar tricks and skills at their own pace without having to worry about falling behind in class.

While taking online guitar lessons¬†Online Guitar Lessons has many perks, there are some drawbacks as well. Since all lessons are online, students will never meet their instructors. This will limit the amount of time and attention students will get from their instructors. While many sites do offer the students a way to email questions to instructors, but with multiple students possibly sending many emails at a time, students may become impatient waiting for a reply. Students also won’t build the same friendships and camaraderie with fellow students, since they will not be taking the class together. Some sites do offer their own form of social networking in forums and chatrooms that are made available to all students. Yet it doesn’t replace being in the same room, taking the same lessons which is one benefit that lessons in a guitar studio do offer.

Online guitar lessons has it’s advantages and disadvantages. It offers self-paced lessons that can be reviewed, but lacks one-on-one instructor time. Students can review any lessons they want, but in return, must give up being able to talk directly to an instructor and getting immediate answers. Forums and chatrooms can provide a fun sounding board with students who possibly live in different parts of the world, but students must give up being able to sit in the same room with fellow students, trading tips and guitar tricks.