Ever envisioned a world brimming with customization? (“Not so much!” Chants the spooky spirits around me willfully ignorant.) If you didn’t figure anything could top your preferred precious stone works of art, you’re unquestionably in for an amazement since custom jewel compositions are the following best flex. As the name proposes, custom precious stone composition gives you the influence of picking your cherished picture/photograph and we’ll change that into a magnum opus that you can long recognize.

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How would we treat your custom treasuries?

Hack AND FRAME: Leave the editing and confining part on us. We’ll ensure that the essential focal point of the jewel painting will be on your subject(s). (Upgrading the general intrigue? You got it!)

Captivating ENHANCEMENTS: Our group has an eye for subtleties and we ensure that every single detail will be solely improved through our supernatural lighting.

Promising ADJUSTMENTS: We accept that each custom precious stone work of art is remarkably propitious so it is our legitimate obligation to modify your artistic creations to make them progressively captivating, glittery, point by point, and energetically shaded. (Treat to watch? Treat to watch!)


Custom precious stone composition is an extravagance that everybody can manage the cost of nowadays. It’s an easy decision actually that the bigger the canvas size will be, progressively impeccable enumerating is the thing that we guarantee and assurance. Ideally one should arrange a canvas size more noteworthy than 40 cm so as to get the best outcomes.

Wide scope of size decision: When we guarantee that itsĀ custom diamond painting you get the opportunity to pick your size dependent on our wide scope of choices. (For best outcomes, decide on 40cm or more.)

Pick your precious stone shape: Yes you read that right! You get the opportunity to pick whether you need to shake with the rounds one or move with the squared ones. (Rock or Roll people!)

100% full drill inclusion: You get the opportunity to have a great time in light of the fact that each canvas should be totally canvassed in jewels.

We enjoy deploring that our expert group cautiously investigates each custom precious stone artistic creation solicitation to ensure that we give first class results. Hustle just a bit and request now.