About the ship
A few weatherdeck photos
Forward bulkhead on main deck.  Good  view of fire fighting equipment
Looking at the business end of a destroyer. Morton had a rather large foc'sle. Caled a Hurricane Bow.  Next to bollards laying down is the forward jack mast stowed fro underway. When in port this is set upright and the Navy Jack is hoisted in morning and lowered in evening. Anchor chains and anchor windless and a little further down is Mount 51, one of two 5 inch 54 gun mounts. Morton originally had three. ASROC launcher was installed on O-1 level aft to replace Mt 52. Unseen between windless and gun mount is the forward hatch that went down to the Boatswains Locker and forward crews compartment. This view makes Morton look a mile long.
Two views on torpedo deck, O-1 level forward.
This view is port side midship on main deck looking aft. Motor Whale Boat is on O-1 level.
Starboard side midship looking forward at Captains Gig.
ASROC deck
Starboard side aft at fantail, Mount 52 is turned outward as to fire. Notice various equipment on fantail such as winch behing shild with two sailors standing over and the large reeal is the VDS, Variable Depth Sonar.
Pier side view of fantail. VDS is behind the officer.
All photos sent in by Al Bell